Radannons Kristall: A super 1. class Icelandic stallion and great competition prospect.


Kristall from Langhúsum. IS2013158039
Are your looking for a superb competition stallion and a 1. prize top quality breeding stallion with outstanding temperament? Here he is.
Height: 147 cm.
Color: Grey + pinto/skäck/schecke/skjóttur
Kristall was super easy to train from the start, calm and easy going to begin with, and developed soon into a very powerful but willing to please top quality horse. He got 1. prize in breeding evaluations already as a 4 year old horse, and has now participated both in sport competition and gæðingakeppni competition with great result. He always focuses totally, listens perfectly to the rider and isn't thinking about the surroundings, other horses or other stuff. He has always had very clear distinction between gaits, clear beat in all gaits. Kristall is a very tall horse with elegant conformation and charm. He throws both grey, pinto/skäck/schecke and chestnut colors.
He is very experienced in all sorts of surroundings already, both on two farms on the countryside, being in a busy stable area in a town, and in various show tracks. He is courageous, not spooky at all, friendly, loves people, great on the ground, comes running to you in the pasture, respectful in hand, calm and easy going in all handling, enjoys getting baths, trailer loads perfectly, easy to shoe, used to spray. He is a charming boy with a warm heart.
He has great fertility, has been bred to 10 mares and they've all become pregnant right away. He takes good care of his mares, is a total gentleman with them, and friendly to the foals.
Kristall, main scores from various shows and competitions:
Sports competition 2019 at Dalvík:
Five-gait F1 1. class Preliminaries 6,37
Flying pace PP1 1. class 6,21
Gæðingamót 2019 at Sauðárkrókur:
A group Preliminaries A flokkur Gæðingaflokkur 1 Forkeppni 8,57
A group Finals A flokkur Gæðingaflokkur 1 A úrslit 8,70
Breeding evaluations 2019, Kristall is 6 years old:
Conformation 8.06
Talents 8.57
Main score 8.36
Breeding evaluations 2018, Kristall is 5 years old:
Conformation 8.11
Talents 8.39
Main score 8.28
Breeding evaluations 2017, Kristall is 4 years old:
Conformation 7,96
Talents 8,05
Main score 8,01
Price 4.500.000 isk (ca. 32 500 EUR / ca. 36 000 $).
Standing in Iceland.
For more information about Kristall:
Contact Þórarinn Eymundsson in tel: +354-8919197 or Þorlákur Sigurbjörnsson (Láki) in tel: +354-8654951 or in email torsig@simnet.is or message me.

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